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kreenshot-editor is incubating

With this post I would like to introduce a new project: kreenshot-editor.

Those of you who often do screenshots under MS Windows will probably know Greenshot which is - as they say on their website - "a free screenshot tool optimized for productivity". It is GPL licensed and written in C#.

The built-in image editor of Greenshot is specifically designed to edit screenshot images. You can draw basic shapes like rectangles, ellipses, and arrows, add text and also add rectangular areas which apply a pixelizing or blurring effect. Each of these objects is movable, resizable and deletable and there is undo/redo.

Noteably, the mouse cursor is (optionally) captured as separate object which then can be moved or deleted after taking the screenshot.

Now, kreenshot-editor is a new Qt-based project that was inspired by Greenshot's image editor. It is hosted on KDE playground. It focuses on the image editing task, can be invoked from command line and should also provide a resuable editor component which could be integrated into other screencapture tools. The current code is already separated into an image editor widget and the main application.

Kreenshot-editor is still experimental, only basic features are implemented and there are currently some non-functional UI elements. Yet, it is already usable - if you don't care that the color of objects is fixed to red ;-). Currently, you can create new objects, move them around, delete them, do undo/redo, load/save image, configure output filename pattern etc.